Lumber & Sheet Goods

Barron’s stocks a full line of eastern spruce and western fir framing lumber. In addition to lumber, we inventory a large selection of western fir plywood, OSB and several specialty sheathing and underlayments. As members of ENAP, one of the nation’s largest lumber cooperatives, we are able to leverage billions of dollars worth of purchasing power in the global lumber market. This gives us the ability to offer our customers not only quality lumber from the world’s finest mills, but at a competitive price that helps win jobs.


ESPF Framing
2x2-8 2x6-92-5/8 2x8-8
2x3-8 2x6-8 2x8-10
2x4-92-5/8 2x6-104-5/8 2x8-12
2x4-94-1/4 2x6-116-5/8 2x8-14
2x4-8 2x6-10 2x8-16
2x4-104-5/8 2x6-12 2x8-18
2x4-116-5/8 2x6-14 2x8-20
2x4-10 2x6-16 2x8-24
2x4-12 2x6-20
WSPF Framing
2x10-8 2x12-8
2x10-10 2x12-10
2x10-12 2x12-12
2x10-14 2x12-14
2x10-16 2x12-16
2x10-18 2x12-18
2x10-20 2x12-20
2x10-24 2x12-24


WFIR Sheathing & Underlayment

3/8-4x8 CDX
3/8-4x8 MDO
1/2-4x8 4ply CDX
1/2-4x8 5ply CDX
1/2-4x8 3ply UL
1/2-4x8 MDO
5/8-4x8 SE CDX
3/4-4x8 SE CDX
3/4-4x8 T&G CDX
3/4-4x8 MDO


Specialty Plywood

1/8-4x8 Hardboard
1/4-4x8 Birch c-2
1/2-4x8 Birch c-2
3/4-4x8 Birch c-2
3/8-4x8 Pine Plybead 1-1/2 O.C.
5/8-4x8 Pine Plybead 4 O.C.
5/8-4x8 T1-11 Pine 4 OC
5/8-4x8 T1-11 Pine 12 OC
LP T1-11 7/16 4x8 8”OC
LP T1-11 7/16 4x8 4”OC
LP Smooth Soffit 3/8 4x8
LP Smooth Soffit 7/16 4x9
3/8 4x8 Wolf PVC
3/8 4x10 Wolf PVC
1/2 4x8 Wolf PVC
1/2 4x10 Wolf PVC
3/4 4x8 Wolf PVC
3/4 4x18 Wolf PVC
1/2 4x8 Wolf PVC 2” OC Plybead
1/2 4x8 Fire Treated CDX
5/8 4x8 Fire Treated CDX
3/4 4x8 Fire Treated CDX
1/2 4x8 Pressure Treated CDX
3/4 4x8 Pressure Treated CDX

OSB Sheathing & Underlayment

5/8-4x8 SE
3/4-4x8 T&G


Specialty Sheathing & Underlayment

1/8-4x8 Red Thermo Ply
7/16-4x8 LP Tech Shield
3/4-4x8 T&G LP Top Notch 350
3/4-4x8 T&G Huber Advantech
1/4 Dow Fanfold
1/2-4x8 Dow Styrofoam
3/4-4x8 Dow Styrofoam
1-4x8 Dow Styrofoam
2-4x8 Dow Styrofoam
1/2-4x8 RMAX SI
1/2-4x9 RMAX SI
1/2-4x10 RMAX SI


Pine Sheathing & Underlayment

1/2 -4x8 CDX
5/8- 4x8 CDX
3/4- 4x8 CDX


Arauco Pine AC

1/4-4x8 AC
3/8-4x8 AC
1/2-4x8 AC
3/4-4x8 AC